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A classical site map is necessary for the search engines. But it is inefficient for the study of the internal links structure when the website is big. A web site automatically translated in more than 50 languages is very big. So one need to augment the number of dimension of the representation to augment the sense. This site map was obtained in automatic mode using the programs "SocSciBot", "Pajek" and "JavaView". We obtain a 3D vizualisation, but in fact we reach to a 5D vizualization with interactivity and navigation. This example is intented to show that geometrical structure may help in deciding which page to read, but moreover to evaluate the general structure. Interactivity must be obtained using the Javaview possibilities (press F1 after click in the graph). Unfortunatly, the automatic traduction and the vizualisation are incompatible, so it is just possible to see the graph in English.

Press right mouse button to select major interaction mode from popup menu, or use keyboard keys to temporarily switch between different modes (just keep a button pressed to switch mode temporarily). Some essential modes are:
o Rotate surface (this Orbit mode is the default mode)
s Scale surface, drag in vertical direction
t Translate surface in viewing plane
r Reset camera and display, object returns to default position
j Toggle the browser mode (open URL in a new window)

Show control window
Help With all keyboard shortcuts, and help on problems.
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