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Analyse your interest, before being a doctoral candidate. What can be your professional evolution with a PhD? Statistics about doctoral studies in France. Some indicators.
French laws about PhD studies PhD studies, "Co-tutelle", What is an "Ecole Doctorale"?, All the texts
Where may I provide guidance for PhD? "Ecole Doctorale Cognition, Langage, Interaction" N° 224 Université Paris 8, France
"Doutorado na Universidade Fernando Pessoa" (Porto, Portugal)
Do you want that I look over your candidature?
Find a grant! The funds to cover the expenses of a PhD have to be find by a granted project, because nor the university, nor the government, nor myself, we have some funds for the financial support of PhD students or for the financial support of their scientific activity. At the opposite, it is normal to get funds from the beneficiaries of the research results. Thus we are forced to consider more the finalized researches. For example with CIFRE.
Write your resume in a "standard" way.
Write your PhD project, "Plano de intenções para a tese de doutoramento"
If I accept your proposal, you can postulate officialy to the university. If the University also accepts your candidature, you won the right to be a student for PhD!

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Research methods withWikimindmapapplied to the
english Wikipedia,  french Wikipedia, portugues Wikipedia
Research Recherche scientifique  
  Méthodologie Metodologia cientifica
Action research Recherche action  
Case study Etude de cas Estudo de caso
Participant observation Observation partcipante Pesquisa participativa

Top of page  Publish ! 

As soon as possible, begin managing your readings and your bibliography with modern solutions, like Zotero or Mendeley. They are free and automatic, so they are indispensable to write scientific articles and theses, the basic activity for a PhD level student. Do not forget the integration with your wordprocessor software. Those softwares must be used, at minimum, with "Google Books", "Google Scolar", "Google Patents", but also with any of the compatible sites mentioned in this list.
Learn how to use correctly a wordprocessor, how to write a scientific publication.
Be informed of the activities of the various scientific societies in sciences of information and the communication.
Look for call for paper in Sciences of Information and the Communication (beware of travel costs).
Look for scientific journals, in the scientific field, to submit your paper (best scientific impact, lower costs) :
in the "InformationR.net",
in the list of the 492 journals (2010-07) identified as full text Journals in Information Science, by the scientific Brasilian comunity (Portal dos periodicos da CAPES),
in the list of the 333 journals (2010-07) identified as full text Journals in Comunication Science, by the scientific Brasilian comunity (Portal dos periodicos da CAPES),
in the 104 Journals in the field of Library and Information Science included in the Directory of Open Acces Journal (DOAJ),
in the Centre for open electronic publishing (revues.org),
in the results of the Pr. Philippe Jeanin Survey.

But if you want the recognition of your publications in France: You will only be a productive researcher only if you have a sufficient number of publications in journals included in the list of journals from the Evaluation Agency of Research and Higher Education (AERES). Moreover, if your Scientific integration in the 71st section CNU of the National Council of french Universities is required, it is better that your publications include some journals of list of the 75 journals she provided. If not, you will have to argue that your publications are in the scientific field and that the quality of the choosen journals respects the edicted rules. You will have to do so, because the list of the 75 recognized journals is not enough to satisfy the publication necessity of the french community in Science of Information and of the Communication. To be considered as productive searcher, the nearly 1000 PhD students plus the nearly 1000 permanent researchers and the 300 associated researchers, of this scientific field in France, have to publish at minimum of an article each two years (Thus 1150 articles per year, quantity that has to be shared with other countries in case of international journals). This reasonning is amplified if you do not count the journals with difficult access because without distributors. So, you will augment your chance to be published, enlarging your choice of journals for your scientific submissions, having also a more interesting comportment, being less endogenic. Finally, you will put in practice the reality of the transdisciplinary principle of the Science of Information and the Communication.

And do not forget to evaluate the impact of your work with the analysis of the citations using the wonderful software from Harzing : "Publish or Perish"

In the next sections we will provide all the necessary links to monitor this 75 journals list, and way to read the freely available summaries from this list, using RSS feeds.

Top of page  Detailed list of journals recognized as belonging to Science of Information and the Communication and with the necessary quality by the 71st section CNU of the National Council of french Universities.

Distributor Journal RSS Update scanner Disponibility. Automatic bibliography collection (Zotero)
Possible access by the Universities Libraries (login et password)
Interscience Communication theory X X 1996-
Anual Review of Information Science and Technology
X 2002-2007
Journal of communication X X 1996-
Journal of the american Society for Information science and technology X X
Proquest 1974-01- (Full text accessible after 12 month)
Ebsco 2001-01- (Full text accessible after 12 month)
Museum international X X 1996-
Museum international (français) X X 2007-
ScienceDirect Library and Information Science Research X
X vol 17, n° 1, 1995-
Language and communication
vol 15, n° 1, 1995-
SpringerLink Publizistik X X  
Scientometrics X X vol 38, n° 1, 1997- (Zotero article level)
CAIRN Le Temps des médias
X No Zotero. n° 1, 2003-
Documentaliste-sciences de l'Information X No Zotero. Vol 38 2001-
Distances et savoirs X No Zotero . Vol 1 2003-
Mots: les langages du politique (Sciences politiques) X Vol 80 2006-
Free access on revues.org (vol 68 -Vol 79 > 2002-2005) and on Persée ( vol 1, 1980)
(example of continuum Persee-Revues.org-Cairn)
Réseaux X No Zotero. Cairn 105, 2001- .ENSSIB Full text (1991-1998)
Sociétés & Représentations (Sociologie et société) X No Zotero
Spirale (psychologie) X vol 17, 2001-
Terrain (Sociologie et société) X Cairn vol, 44, 2005- No zotero. Full text 1-43 on revues.org (Zotero)
Journalism and Mass Communication quaterly

1998-10- (Full text accessible after 12 month)
Public Opinion Quaterly X X
EBSCO: 1965-03- ; Proquest : 1998-07- (Full text accessible after 12 month)
Communication Monographs X X

Critical studies in media communication X X

Cultural Studies X X  
Journal of Applied Communication Research X X  
Political Communication X X

EJS EBSCO The Lybrary Quaterly X

(Full text accessible after 12 month)
Communication Research X X

Global media and communication X X  
European Journal of communication X X

European Journal of cultural studies X X  
International Journal of Cultural Studies X X  
International Journal of Press/Politics (The) X X  
Journal of Information Science X X

Journal of librarianship and information science X X

Journalism X X  
New media & society X X  
Science Communication X X

Emerald Online Information Review
1998-02- (Full text accessible after 12 month)
Journal of Documentation
Free online Journals
Revues.org Communication X   Flux RSS de l'ensemble des sommaires
études de communication X   Flux RSS de l'ensemble des sommaires
Études photographiques X   Flux RSS de l'ensemble des sommaires
Free Online journals
Ciencia da informação X X

College and Research Library X  
Enjeux de l'Information et de la communication (Les)

Information Research   X  
Nordicom Review Nordic Research on Media and Communication   X  
Nouveaux actes sémiotiques X X

Perspectivas em ciencia da informação

Public Culture   X  
Revista española de documentacion cientifica

Revista latina de comunicacion social   X  

Journal without distributors and not freely available

Argus Magazine

Aida Informazioni

Bulletin des bibliothèques de France

Canadian Journal of information  and library science (The)

  Cinémas, Revue d'études cinématographiqes      

Communication et langages

Communication et organisation

Culture et Musée

Documentation et bibliothèques

Hermès (revue) X

Knowledge organization

  Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft     (Full text accessible after 36 month)



  Quaderni   X  

Questions de communication

Recherches en communication
(Full text accessible after one year)

ZER: revista de estudios de comunicación

Revue des revues

  Sciences de la Société      

Studies in communication sciences

Import the OPML file of RSS in Google Reader to read the summaries
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