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Paradigms Changes

2.0 concept

Evolution of the technology ,
Why to manage a CI TI activity,
Definitions and concepts,
Everything changed (complete)
Social networks
Competitive Intelligence 2.0

IC systems

Human resources for CI

IC & TI is a complex system,
IC & TI : Tendances en France,
Psychological profile for CI


Mindmaps for strategy

IC & TI : Strategy (Porter),
IC & TI : Strategy (FCS),

SWOT analysis
PEST analysis
Strategy formulation


Technological information

Information: quantity and growth,
Which information?,
Information pull,
Information push

Intellectual property, patents
Technological information,
Ontologies, classifications,
Patents examples

OPML RSS feeds

Competitive Intelligence, Journals Summaries SIC
Pascal Borgna (Master MIQE, Marseille , 2010) : software for feeds selection in OPML files .

Seek information for serendipity

Modes of reasoning, Creativity, Serendipity

A 3D search interface,
Non boolean search (wine, bread, cheese),
Non boolean search (perfume),
Necessity to build maps,
Necessity to build maps (homeland security)
Necessity to build maps (corporate education)
Reasonning and Invention,
Out of the box!!!,
Where is the Problem?
Where is the truth?
Explain simply

Evaluation of my prestations

Just after training Results
After 6 month Results
Very old presentations
IUT SRC ( St Raphaël, France - 1998-2000) Normes et standards, Industry of information, M.E.N.: L'information pour la recherche
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