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Twit network about the Dengue desease in Brasil 08/2011

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The analysis of the propagation of an epidemy using the Internet has been performed. This case is a first test using the twits about the propagation of the Dengue fever in Brasil. To collect the information from twitter, NodeXL software was used. Graph is presented with the Javaview applet, after a 3D positionning using the Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm in the Pajek software.

Press right mouse button to select major interaction mode from popup menu, or use keyboard keys to temporarily switch between different modes (just keep a button pressed to switch mode temporarily). Some essential modes are:

o Rotate surface (this Orbit mode is the default mode)
s Scale surface, drag in vertical direction
t Translate surface in viewing plane
r Reset camera and display, object returns to default position
j Toggle the browser mode (open URL in a new window)

Show control window
Help With all keyboard shortcuts, and help on problems.
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