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The augmentation of capacity to acquire new knowledge, by the brain or organizations, if it exists, can not offset the pace of production of new information, in spite of the increase of ease for access (whatever the areas or languages).
When they are coupled with an initial education "hyper-specialized", these phenomenons causes a fragmentation of knowledge (individual and/or collective), wich is a factor highly debilitating for decision making in complex phenomena such as the competitiveness of enterprise, innovation, the creation of values.
The "Information Sciences and Communication" offer a panel of methods, tools and solutions to help reduce these phenomena. The knowledge in library science, especially around the Scientific and Technical Information (databases of scientific papers, patents, standards), coupled with collaborative tools can be used to assist the performance of organizations in decision making, innovation , creativity, the fragmentation of knowledge. Our research is organized around this issue within the cycle of Competitive Intelligence (collection, storage, processing and dissemination of information for decision-making). It is possible to summarize the activity as being the mission to link the spheres "education & research" and "Research & Development", in a world of perpetual change, based upon the development of new public-private partnerships at national level and developing effectively the internationnal collaborations".
This mission is divided into five major issues:
• new concepts in information and/or communicatio, as well as in management
• foster a communication hub between the worlds public / private
• create new patterns, new pedagogic and didactic tools
• develop researches and experiments on the societal mutations
• provide to organizations tools and methods for information management, for knowledge management, with the goal to increase innovation and the competitivness

Scientific fields with wikimindmap, applied to the
portuguese Wikipedia
Information & Communication Science Science de l'Information et de la communication
Information science Science de l'information Ciência da informação
Information revolution    
Competitive intelligence Intelligence économique Inteligência competitiva

Intelligence Territoriale Inteligência territorial
Glocalisation Glocal
Innovation Innovation Inovação
Collaborative Innovation network    
Patent Brevet Patente
Invention Invention
Creativity Créativité Criatividade
Bibliometrics Bibliométrie bibliometria
Scientometry Scientométrie  
Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0
Web 3.0 Web 3.0

Entreprise 2.0
Social network Réseaux sociaux Rede social
Enterprise social software    
Search Engine Optimization Optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche  
Andragogy Andragogie Andragogia
E-learning Télé-enseignement
Digital native Natif numérique
Nativo digital
Corporate University Université d'entreprise
Universidade corporativa

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